Slowdeath LP
Year of the Rat

Living in fear, living in hunger
Suffer starvation to topple oppression
Our anger a weapon to wield like a hammer
Up from the sewers the masses will conquer

Resist them!

The fruits of our struggle we give to the masters
So many sheep to be fed to the slaughter
Without the corruption we cease to be human
The enemy stares at me back in the mirror
The legions are toppled another created
The masters are vanquished now we are the masters
Concrete Soul

At times I feel so empty that I could swallow whole
The efforts of a thousand men and still have room for more

To breathe to writhe to feel alive

And sometimes I have feelings that nail my heart to the ground
To catch the spit of beggars and piss from ragged dogs
Anger is a weapon, doubt will dull a sword
Jealousy a burning blaze, ignorance endured

Have you been down this narrow path
Then here's to you my friend

Kind words are poison
Goodwill is like the sins of dogs
Empathy is and earthquake
My heart's an open sewer and it's all coming down

Drowning in anger
Drowning in fear
Choking on words and I'm drowning in tears

Focused on failure
If you're going down in flames, burn your name in every man's heart

If love was a tree, I'd hack it down
If sin were wine I'd quaff it
If hope was a car, I'd smash it up
If you were me, I'd be laughing
Tombstone Heart

My heart is crushing
My lungs are combusting

Exist for pain
Exist for hate
Exist for fear
Accept decay

I stumble down a path of fear
Weakness tags along
I walk in wisdom's footfalls
My every step with sin
Come inside the funhouse
My tormentors are laughing!

Feel the fire in me
Feel the boiling bile
Feel my brain incinerate
Drowning all the while
Snake eyes staring at me
Broken mirror maze
Number 13 on the headstone
Of my burning grave
I have earned the enemies
All my acts are rotten
Better that they curse your name
Than to be forgotten


A 6-pack of sorrow
Sympathy for sale
Never have I tasted such
A bitter wretched ale
Better than you hate for certain
than to love in vain
Push the pin into the puppet
Hear her scream your name
If I end up empty
it's just my goddamn luck
Form my hate into a hammer
Smash it fucking up

Curse the bones of the betrayers
Make my daily bread
Wear my weakness like a lead weight
Hung around my head
Say a prayer for the souls of the dear departed
Pray that they don't live to see the madness that they started
Feel the knife along my neck
,Daggers cut like lies
Bare my chest before you and look you in the eyes
Lick my wounds

The light screams from the sky
Blood billows from my eyes
My vision blinding white
The sunlight paints my face with blood and sweat and pain
A lean wolf licks the wind and bellows out my name

Passions flames are long and licking
Clean my wounds and come back kicking

The taste of stale sweat
The pain that paid my debts
A fear I can't forget
A built-in bloodbath
Apocalyptic wrath
I walk with greater men
Their bodies pave my path

One hundred thousand pounds of concrete weighing down
Dead weight to drag around
Topple the ivory tower
A death knell sounds the hour
Strike death blows to my foes and fill my fists with power
My mind is a live wire
My heart is a wildfire
Existential Blues

Existential fucker
Life's a string of scars
Melancholy speaks my name
Kindness turns a blind eye

A spectacle for all to see
My heart's vacuity

Jack of all tirades
Bastard of none
Sympathies are stapled shut
Regrets fall to earth like dust
Cleanse Cut Cauterize

I wake up angry tasting last night's lies
Speaking with a forked tongue
Swallow stabbing knives
Prattle on perversion sound is insincere
Words are worthless weightless things won't they disappear?
Your lies are liquid weightless like the wind
Trickle into mirror pools reflect the light of sin
Touch the tongue with brimstone anoint the throat with lye
Love's the biggest lie of all a hundred million times!

Cleanse my words
Cauterize my vision
Cut through the lies with surgical precision

Piercing like a javelin words from ruby lips
Raping the silence malicious mantra
HEY! If I know one damn thing truth endures despite you
Soon the serpent that you shake turn its tail to smite you
A thousand good deeds blow away like dust
Empathy evaporates temper boils and bursts
Prostrate yourself before them submit your humble head
Whimper words for mercy and beg for scraps of bread

My heart is angry
A veil of rage descends
Every day's an Armageddon
Till the fucking end

Walk a path for 30 years stumble all the way
Birth is death is purgatory what a futile game
Agony automaton a misery machine
Fanning flames of provocation with nitro gasoline

Malefaction magnified anger endured
Pour my heart in shallow vessels overflow the sewer
Temperance disintegrates decency be damned
The truths of the ages echo in my head

Prayer for profit economy of sin
Pay the price for pleasure or carry debt within
What credit can you have in blood what equity your soul
What price upon a life? A shadow's weight in gold

The market is a whorehouse cash flows like a sewer
you and me commodity anti-consumer

Earn a living scratching onward through the mud
Purchasing your daily bread with bullets, sweat and blood
Life of zero value worth as much dead
13 silver pieces a price upon my head

Following the trail of slime upward to the source
An automatic weapon as a market force
You profited from prejudice homogenizing hope
And for your contribution, you'll hang from golden rope
Paper walls divide the world like a maze of veils
Living like a leper always is what dissent entails
Happy as a hangman random as a riot
Spitting in the face of failure screaming like a siren

I am destruction I am rebellion I am the bliss that ignorance is selling
I am betrayal I am despair I am dancing at the epicenter

Vitriolic vapor the doubt meanders in
Embrace my friend persuasion and laugh with obstinance
Ricochets assassins gaze always miss the mark
Empty ammunition a dagger in the dark

Shake a sleeping provocation awake an angry war
Trampling tradition convention is a whore
Grab complacence by the neck and hate him as he hangs
Drip the verbal venom down an argument with fangs
Go down Fighting
Impotent broken man
Living dead still I breathe
With a knife tooth and nail
Fist and foot evil eye

Go down fighting!

Fate or failure faith or fear
Walking god down to hell
Raise a hand beat my breast
Meet your god nothingness

Forged in fire iron will
Bellow breath born to kill
Fist to fist eye to eye
Step inside one way ride

NewDeadlySin LP


Misanthropic madman with an insulated will
Shrug off the responsibility for those you kill
Quaff and gulp the human suffering that you distill

Ending today cast away
The murderers pyres light the way

Crucified summarily and slaughtered like a beast
Benefactors falter and the lowly beggars feast
Draw a thousand arrows to the crises you invent
I raise up a monument to sin you represent
Casting ire on the alter offer up dissent

The Fear

Fear is a faithful friend he's quiet company
Along with his regretful son irrationality
Sing a song of paranoia whisper words to me
Hold my horrors high above for the world to see

Got no strength to go go go
Crippled by the fear you know

Crucified in Technicolor the martyr in the mirror
Feel myself asphyxiate on all consuming fear
A palette broad with prejudice I color the unknown
You enter as you leave this world naked and alone

Fall away my trifles drop to frozen hell
A scream in the darkness is a coin tossed in a well
Hungry as a holocaust snapping at my soul
Fear of death is fear of life hell a hundredfold

Not for me

Give my doubt a place to grow far from apathy
Give me all the comforts that come with conformity

Not for me

All our aggravations fall before the day
Hand me power on a platter throw it all away

Guarding like a goldmine the sympathy you seek
6 million people who think that they're unique

Bastard beurocracy
Empire of evasion
Sabotage the US constitution
Whitewash the rights of man

Liberty's a state of mind
Tyranny's not far behind

Volley stones
From your high vantage
The great untouchable America
Steps toward war with itself

Pander to the plebian
Creatures to control
Arise to serve
The silent majority

How I Hell

The limbs on which their virtues rest are stunted and decayed
They lie with loquaciousness on thorny beds they've made
Words dissolve the silence from an acid dripping tongue
Cracking malefactions from the flame that fills my lungs

Crucifixion tunnel vision empty to the cell
Laceration fascination here is how I hell

Call upon your ignorance and censor it the same
Hold aloft your prejudice and call it by its name
The key to comprehension is ignoring all the rules
What then makes you different from 6 billion other fools

Raise a glass to heaven for conventions we preserve
Offer up a halo to the humble gods we serve
Contemplate your worthlessness and beat your barren breast
Life from your perspective is a corpse climb to the crest

Tunnel visionary
Stumble through the graveyard
Dodging Armageddon
Feeling like a tunnel visionary
An outlook like napalm

Build a bridge of bastard words to carry you to Zion
Suck the poison out and spit a serpent tongued Orion

A goddess in the gallows
Principled pariah
A hero and a hangman
Incompetent messiah

What are words but wasteful
Sounds are grains of sand
I'll be screaming till the end UH
I die a bitter man

Damnable desperate demons of disease
Petulant Pentecost empty enemies
Paranoid superstition fodder for the few
Violent virulent denizens of doom

Looking for a path in the garden of deception
Like a beacon blazing

Animal antichrist in anonymity
Damaging deafening the sound of liberty
Destitute demigod hold out your beggars hand
Indigent argument without a leg to stand

An avalanche of volition
A heart like a driven nail
Eyes that draw like daggers
Hands like a juggernaut
Beneath what you feel
Behind what you see
The falsehood of your
It draws from your well
It walks in your wake
A hand on your shoulder
A mist you embrace
The words that you whip
The tongue that you thrust
It savors the substance
And shares your disgust
Look past your eyes
Follow it there
It stands in the doorway
And whispers your name
It covers the thoughts
That hide in the shade
Your trust is a temple
It guards like a cur
Lash out with lies
Push through the pain
Pass up a penance
Bleed from your bonds
Walk with its steps
You'll never fall
A tattooing rhythm
That pounds like a drum
It wears a face
That matches your own
With every heartbeat
Walking as one

New Deadly Sin

Push the needle in between feed the fire gasoline
Numb from the intensity blind with animosity

Satisfy, multiply your sins for Baelzebub
Supplement numeration- seven's not enough

Hatred is a wealthy friend paying fear's dividend
Dogma is your domicile throw it on the garbage pile
Envy dallies not a pause Avarice digs in her claws
Fill my failure up with wrath vengeance is a downward path